The Filmmakers


Michael Love: Writer, Producer, Director

Hold It Like a Baby is Michael’s second feature as a director and collaborator with his wife Tina with whom he also co-directed the documentary Much Ado About W, an official selection of the 2007 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 

As screenwriter Michael’s produced films include Gaby, A True Story, about a Mexican poet with cerebral palsy, starring Liv Ulman, Robert Loggia, and Argentine actress Norma Aleandro, nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Florencia.  The film also received two Golden Globe Nominations.  Michael also wrote the internationally distributed ABC movie of the week Not In My Family, about a new mother afflicted with post-partum depression. 

Having grown up in Mexico, Michael is fluent in Spanish, and also wrote the screenplay for the Spanish language feature film Un Fin de Semana depicting deforestation in Mexico. Michael has been hired to write many other screenplays for Hollywood, including recently Maverick’s for Playtone, Icon, and Universal Studios, based on the true story of big wave surfers Mark Foo, Ken Bradshaw, and Jeff Clark.  

From 1993-99, Michael was an instructor and Faculty Board Member at the American Film Institute, Professional Training Division, where he taught the Rewrite Workshop “The Final Draft.”  Michael was also a lecturer at UCSB in 2004 and 2005.   Michael has a BA in music composition from California Institute of the Arts.

Currently he is writing a screenplay for Newland Films on Federal Landabout the “Cristeros” war in 1927 Mexico.

Tina Love

Tina Love:  Editor, Writer, Director
Hold It Like a Baby is Tina’s first feature comedy and second collaboration with her husband Michael with whom she also co-directed the documentary Much Ado About W in 2007. Much Ado About W was an official selection of the 22nd Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2007 and has been screened on cable television and at art schools, galleries and film series.

“Autumn Leaves” an 18 min. short, which Tina wrote, directed, shot and edited was an official selection of the 2006, 21st Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 

Tina has a B.A. in theater with emphasis in directing and studied acting in New York, LA and Santa Barbara. In New York she trained for many years in ballet and modern dance, then in Santa Barbara found her true love in flamenco. From 2002-2004 she attended Brooks Institute of photography, in Ventura majoring in Motion Picture/Video, where she wrote, directed, shot and edited many narrative short films and documentaries. Currently in the works is the documentary Last Man in Paradise about a man squatting in his cabin on federal land after his lease expired. As we follow his fight to save the humble abode we learn he has a "car museum" , 80 acres where 1,200 cars are arrayed in an art installation he calls "the Lost Highway". Tina looks forward to the next inspired project.

Tina studies flamenco dance in Santa Barbara; she is a member of Love Flamenco
Justin Creamer

Justin Creamer: Director of Photography

Justin is an intrepid young cinematographer from Ventura, California who has worked on corporate training videos, commercials and short films.

Hold It Like a Baby is his first feature as a cinematographer.  Currently, he is also collaborating with Michael and Tina Love on a documentary entitled Controlled Decay – yhe Car Garden. 

He studied digital film making, editing and broadcasting at Moorpark College. He also studied acting.  A major influence is Stanly Kubrick. He aspires to make his own stylized horror film.

Other interests include playing guitar and the interstices of computers.

raphael atlas

Raphael Atlas: Composer 

Born on a rainy Mischief Night, Raphael Atlas restrained himself sufficiently through his first decades to complete degrees in piano and music theory; his doctoral dissertation explored musical puns. 

A member of the faculty at Smith College, he's also taught at Pomona and Amherst.  His published work includes analytical studies of some classical repertories, and also of music and masculinity in Top Gun.

As a pianist, he has been heard on NPR in a number of concerts. 

Hold It Like A Baby is the second of his very happy collaborations with filmmakers Michael and Tina Love, following their documentary, Much Ado About "W."






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